A bitingly realistic depiction of the world of modelling and the rich who dominate it, Triangle of Sadness is an oddly comical, yet profound must watch film. Winner of the Palme D’or at the Cannes Film Festival and nominated for three Academy Awards including Best Picture, Ruben Ostlund’s latest film weaves such outlandish and lavish charcaters through a perfectly paced ‘cruise’ of a film. The films confined spaces put you right in amongst the wild world of the rich and allows you to understand the charcaters on a much more personal level, both for better and for worse. Although perhaps not the favourite to win in any of the categories its nomineted in, it is definitely a noble inclusion. A wonderful film that leaves an impression long after the credits roll. EO


Never has the lush Irish landscape been captured so beautifully in film as it has in Martin McDonagh’s latest gem, The Banshees of Inisherin. To have it used as a backdrop to such a heartbreakingly human film feels somewhat ironic. What seems like such a simple synopsis of a friendship coming to an abrupt end, unravels into something so much more challenging and thought provoking, even existential at times. You would be hard pressed to find a film with more outstanding performances from an entire ensemble, with all of its four acting Oscar nominations very well deserved. A strong contender to take home the Best Picture Academy Award, if not the top contender. A highly recommended, well constructed, masterpiece that you must see before it leaves the cinema. EO