It couldn’t be put more plainly, Reality is exactly that. Real. Told in (essentially) real time and using dialogue taken directly out of the FBI audio files of the case the film centres around, it us quite incredible that it manages to keep you on the edge almost throughout. The three main leads are all exceptional, but is Sydney Sweeney as the titular character Reality Winner is the true Tour de force of this film. Add in to the mix the simple yet effective directing style of newcomer Tina Satter, who will easily become a household name if she continues to make films if this calibre, and you have 80 minutes very well spent in a cinema. If you want to fully appreciate this film, don’t read up on the true story before going in and you will not regret going to see it. EO


Barbie is not your average film. It is a cacophony of various styles, influences and ideas all at once. But what it surely is, is a wholly spellbinding adventure. Before seeing this film, I saw director Greta Gerwig’s list of films that inspired Barbie and I must say I was a little concerned that with the quality of Cinema on that list, she was setting herself up for failure. But of course, Gerwig does not disappoint, mixing all the styles of sophisticated French cinema, with childlike charm and existential angst. If you were expecting Barbie to be a little silly, it is. If you were expecting it to be profound and moving, it is. If you were expecting it to be thought-provoking, it is. Whatever you were expecting, it is an understatement to say that it is a truly original and unique experience! EO