The innocence of childhood adventure, the brutality of intense emotions and the confusion and compelxity that arises when these two worlds are combined is so purely and intimately put together Lukas Dhont’s film. The way he weaves the charcaters through such devastating and confronting issues is seamless, yet intricate and measured. Each abrupt edit adds as a visual reminder of the bombastic nature of life as it ebbs and flows, whilst also lingering on the truly personal scenes, allowing for the characters silences to say more than their words ever could. Although the films contant and subject matter is difficult to watch (you will not leave this film happy) this is a film you should see before it’s time at The Pivotonian comes to a close. EO


A bitingly realistic and unapologetically raw story, To Leslie perfectly shows the the dark side of the American Dream and the low lows and cruelty that that life style can be. Oscar nominated Andrea Riseborough is a revelation in this highly underrated and underappreciated performance. This moving piece of cinema feels like a documentary at times, which is aided by the use of no huge name actors and very simple and lifelike production design with sets like the hotel and various houses correctly personifying the low socio-economic demographic displayed. This films low box office earnings means very few people have seen this, be amongst the lucky ones and see this beautiful film! EO