There are few words that can describe the effect that Olga has on the audience. The sheer audacity to which it stunningly balances each of its delicate themes is something to behold. Mixing in documentary style found footage, Olga doesn’t hold any punches showing the unrest of Ukraine and how it has a significant effect on its population, particularly the passionate and strong willed youth. Contrast that with the competitive nature of the world of gymnastics and the struggle of finding your way in the world of a teen, this film has it all. A harrowing experience of a film, but a must watch to understand the troubles of a highly serialised nation. EO


Renowned Aussie film maker Rolf de Heer returns with another notch in his high quality cinema belt! The Survival of Kindness is a visual masterpiece and a master-class on how to tell a story. With very little discernible dialogue, de Heer expertly demonstrates the life long key to Cinema of “show don’t tell”, allowing his visuals to give the same impact films with dialogue only wish they could achieve. Those new to filmmaking should see this film, is it is a superb example of modern film making and how to keep cinema alive. If the makers of Shaun the Sheep made The Revenant you would get The Survival of Kindness. That is no way at all a negative. An allegorical experience with a very important and powerful message, this is a film you must go and see. Hurry before it goes! EO