We are proud to announce that Damian Hill (PAWNO, 2016) will return to The Pivotonian with Director Jason Raftopoulos to meet Geelong’s discerning film-goers for an exclusive Q&A event and film screening.

WEST OF SUNSHINE is a gritty social-realist tale from Jason Raftopoulos that follows a father’s desperate attempts to turn around his life and not disappoint his son.

Jim (Damian Hill) is a working-class courier who has racked up a $15,000 debt to a shady, violent loan shark due to an out of control gambling addiction. The day of reckoning has arrived, and Jim is due to pay in full. His plan is to place a sure bet at the racecourse – and he has no back-up plan if this one fails.

Manoeuvring through the day while also taking care of his young son over the school holidays, WEST OF SUNSHINE charts a family relationship on the brink of shifting from rosy childhood to brutal reality.

Tickets selling fast! Prebook HERE.